I work with my colleague Julia Baudier for Webdesign in Berlin.

Mezzanines spectacles

This website is made for a center of expertise on cultural cooperation at european level, with a focus on theater projects. I imagined a very special visual identity for this structure, which plays its part on the frontier between administration and creation. It had to be a space, a stage for the humble characters who organize the crazyness of the artistic ambition. I worked on this project with my talented partner for website design, the programmer Julien Bossert.

Kita Timbales

This website is thought for a Kindergarden. The education is bilingual German and French, with music as focus. The design had to be simple and joyful but also easy to understand. I drew some nice characters to bring the energy of the children in the page. The technique is handmade like everything that is done there. The typography is the Fira Sans, imagined from Erik Spiekermann, and is an open source font. I worked on this project with Baptiste Grosfilley (text) and Sebastian Waack (programming).